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Embrace Your Curves: How to Dress in Style

By Tina Davis

All women have different body types; from short to tall, skinny to curvy. It is important for women of all shapes and sizes to understand how to fit their body. When you find clothing that fits the body well, you look and feel great. When clothing just hangs and has no shape, you feel frumpy and boring. Figuring out how to dress for your body shape will allow you to emphasize your better parts so you look great. Below are a few style tips for curvy girls to look their very best!

Dress for the shape of your body

It is very important for a curvy girl to know her shape. Let’s say you are pear shaped. With this body type, you will want to choose separates that work well for the smaller top portion and larger bottom portion of the body. You want to create a sense of balance. If you have a rectangle shape body, you want to use clothing to create a more curvy shape. Visualize your body as a shape to help you determine which types of clothing will work best for you.

Find What Works for your body

Trends happen every year and come and go with the seasons. While you may want to stay on trend, plus size women should always dress to what works for the body. Not everyone, even small girls, can pull off every trend. Be sure to stick with style options that work for your body so you can always have a classic look.

Emphasis Your Hot Spots

Like your legs? Or your booty? Determine which body part you like the best and flaunt it. Choose clothing pieces that will emphasis this part of your body so you can show off what you like. Take pride in your body and you will not only look great but will gain confidence as well!

Use Color Wisely

Color is beautiful and works well for curvy girls. Use color in your wardrobe to emphasize certain parts of your body or hide others. Color draws the eye. So, you do not like your hips, stay away from colored pants or bright colored clothing on the lower half of your body. Instead go with a neutral lower and then add a pop of color with your blouse or blazer. This will allow you to wear the color you enjoy and also remove the emphasis on the areas you which to conceal. Color can work in many ways so play with your options to see what works best.


A great way to look great and stay on trend is to accessorize. Accessories are an inexpensive way to stay on trend and it doesn’t matter what size you are. Accessories can really jazz up and outfit and make you feel sassy. And shopping for accessories is easy! Take a basic outfit and really spice it up with unique and flattering jewelry pieces.

Underwear Know-how

While clothing choices are important, undergarments are also very important. You want to be sure that you wear the right underclothes so that everything looks great on the outside. Both bras and underwear should fit perfectly so that your clothing sits better on the body. Have a professional fit you so that you know you are purchasing the right sizes for your body.

Overall, it is important to be comfortable and feel good in what you wear. Determine what type of body shape you have to get started with a great new wardrobe!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tina enjoys dressing in style. She has found that Alight is a great choice for curvy girl clothing.


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