Why Regular Massages Are Great For Your Health

Once you reach the end of a long work day, the thumping headaches, stiff joints and aching shoulders make it difficult would make it difficult for anyone to concentrate. And, just when you think the day is finally over, you find it even more difficult to sleep. Your usual solution may be to pop a few Advil and ride it out, but you could actually be slowing the healing process.

However, one of the best courses of action is to get regular massages. Below, youíll find the top reasons why regular massages can be beneficial to your overall health:

A Better Nightís Sleep

Eight hours of great sleep is the key to having a successful day. When you are well-rested, youíre able to better concentrate and improve your overall mood. If youíre unable to sleep, the negative side-effects of sleeping pills are risky, possibly even making you feel drowsy the next day-- a massage can relax you enough to give you a good nightís rest.

Relief From Muscle Pain

The effects of sore and tight muscles donít disappear when you take pain medication. The pain may subside for a short period of time, but your muscles will not heal. During a massage, your muscles are stretched, leading to a decrease in inflammation, which can be the main source of the pain.

Help With Circulation

Ever wonder why your feet and hands are always cold? The most obvious culprit is poor blood circulation. Blood may not be flowing as quickly and frequently to your limbs, leading to even more pain. Fortunately, regular massages have been proven to promote increased circulation throughout your limbs over time, meaning the more often you visit your massage therapist, the better your circulation will be.

Sport Injuries

Playing sports is supposed to promote a healthier lifestyle; however, participating in sports make can often can lead to injuries that are overwhelmingly painful. More and more people are treating their sport injuries entirely through massage and experiencing fantastic results. Many massage therapists now focus fully on sports injuries in exclusive Los Angeles and Miami spa facilities.

Reduces Anxiety Levels

Stress and anxiety, while not always physically painful, can add an invisible weight on your chest that simply wonít go away. It can negatively affect your daily life by making you feel nervous, tense and unsure of everything you do.

When stress builds up, it can also drastically change your mood. A massage can lighten your anxiety levels and reduce a majority of the side effects of stress. With regular massages, youíll be able to face conflict and high pressure with ease.


Fibromyalgia the disorder that brings on musculoskeletal pain, can affect your life in more ways than just body pain. Itís also accompanied by sleep problems, constant fatigue and memory issues. While there is medical treatment for this disorder, including medication and physical therapy, the pain is still difficult to deal with on a regular basis. One of the alternative treatments for Fibromyalgia is massage therapy. It treats both the pain and additional mood issues that come with this disorder.

Joint Pain

Your fingers could ache from using the computer at work all day. Your knees can creak from overuse. Old age can lead to every joint feeling like itís connected with barbed wire. Regular massages can reduce these feelings, allowing you to freely move and function in the world without pain.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer in Southern California whose writing specializes in health, tech, marketing and alternative medicine. In addition to yoga, she attends regular therapy sessions to reduce her stress levels.
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