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Bringing out your Autumn Beauty

With fall upon us, with the array of products, clothes, shoes and bling to dress ourselves up, it sometimes seems like too many choices to choose from. Whether you can afford Mac or Sephora cosmetics, or you shop drug store make ups markdowns, you are probably itching for some new looks. If you love Vogue or Elle, as you skim through you cannot help but notice that a good make up artist can make pretty much anyone look fabulous. But the true art of beauty, is to recognize that not everyone has Halle Berry's facial bone structure, Angelina Jolie's gorgeous full lips or Ann Margaret's famous and ever gorgeous cat eyes. The true art of beauty is celebrating what we do have. A gorgeous African woman's rich dark skin and gleaming eyes should never be lightened up by make up. She is gorgeous! A porcelain skinned woman should not apply dark make up, and a beautiful olive skinned woman should shine as no one else can. They are all beautiful! The most skillfully applied make up is that which brings out the natural beauty of eyes. cheekbones or mouths. We have to know our selves very well, every asset, including those once considered "flaws" by Hollywoood's definition. It is the difference in all of us that is beautiful. The confidence we feel when we do that last mirror check and scan our hair, make up, clothes and shoes. Adding these things is an art, the beauty within and out is a gift. We all possess these gifts. Different is beautiful, different is exciting. Just as we all tire of the same old movie plots, a new Spike Lee joint, or a Quentin Tarantino flick, excites us. Its different. We welcome it, wallow in it, talk about for weeks.

Women are small, large, medium, tall, short, white, black, brown, yellow and every one of us has something that captures the attention of not just men, but other women. When a woman saunters into a restaurant smiling with confidence and an air of abandon, heads turn. They may never know she is wearing her favorite shoes from a few years ago, or a dress her closet has owned for a while. Her make up may not be from the Lancome counter, but she knows only her eyes have those little flecks of gold in them, and that the little gap in her front teeth drives men crazy. This fall, as you make your purchases online, in a drug store or at the Mac store, enjoy every single purchase. Pick out that shade of eye shadow you have been dying to try. Purchase that gorgeous crystal bracelet that lights up your face when you brush that stray hair away in the candlelight. Whether you have full rounded curves, are tall and lithe, or a small framed cutie, with dark, mocha, olive or porcelain skin, whether you are smoking men with your rich brown, glowing green or ocean blue eyes, NEVER cover up your unique qualities, show them off! Take your time playing with your new make up until you find that look that is simply . . . . YOU! Go on some hayrides, dress up for that Halloween party and pick some unique pumpkins to decorate! Wishing you all a festive, earthy and sensual autumn!!!

By Irene Smith Writing Wrongs


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