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Psi Bands® (in Cherry Blossom)<BR>for Relief of Nausea<BR>Motion / Morning Sickness & more

PSI BANDS are an "O, Oprah Magazine" Favorite !!

Psi Bands® (pronounced "Sigh Bands") are the functional and fashionable wrist bands for the relief of nausea due to morning sickness (pregnancy), motion sickness/travel, chemotherapy, and anesthesia - best of all they are DRUG FREE!
Contents: Two Psi Bands acupressure wrist bands per package. Both bands should be worn at the same time.

Psi Band Features:

  • Adjustable - adjusts around the wrist like a watch and at the acupressure point for personalized comfort
  • Comfortable
  • Waterproof - no more soggy wrist bands!
  • Fashionable
  • Reusable - comes in a travel case
  • Drug & Latex-free

    Get yours and breathe a "Psi" of relief today!

    Directions: Place the button of each Psi Band on the Nei-kuan acupressure point. Wrap the bands around your wrists to secure. Adjust the dial to choose the amount of pressure for personalized comfort.

    Cleaning: To clean, use a damp cloth with mild soap and wipe gently; air dry.

    Sizing: One size fits most. Psi Bands use a watch-like adjustable band with multiple settings from which to choose. They fit wrists measuring up to 8 1/4" inches.

    NOTE: Psi Bands are not a toy:
    Keep out of the reach of young children. This is not a toy. The dial, button, and collar are choking hazards if removed. Use only as directed.

  • PSI-CHRRY$18.00

    Tucson Lifestyle names Psi Bands a “Great Find!”
    Psi Bands is pleased to have been named “one of the hippest travel accessories” by Tucson Lifestyle magazine in the June issue, along with the latest iPod and a new travel bag from Le Sport Sac. Remember to pack your Psi Bands, or better yet, leave a set in the glove compartment. Don't let your getaway turn into a get-out-of-my-way!

    How Psi Bands Helps One Queasy Commuter
    Here is an example of a testimonial we received recently. We think it says it all!

    "Before I tried this MIRACLE PRODUCT, I suffered from severe motion sickness on planes, trains, boats, buses, and as a passenger in cars. I could never read while in motion or travel comfortably without getting doped up on Dramamine. When I recently had to get prescription reading glasses and they made me woozy, that was the last straw. I didn't know what to do. I had tried other wrist bands for nausea, but they were hideously ugly and didn't work. As luck would have it, I met the founders of Psi Bands at a women's business conference last week - I bought the product and yesterday I put them on and, a miracle occurred... I could wear my reading glasses without getting nauseated! Then I tried looking at the names on my cell phone while driving... this is something I could never do even for 5 seconds without feeling sick. With Psi Bands, I could do it! Today I took the MUNI train downtown and for the first time in my life, I could read the newspaper on a moving train. I have been so liberated by this product! I wish I had found them years ago!"
    A. Watkins, founder

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