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Hollywood Wedding Apparel Tape

One box contains 36 easy-to-use double stick 3-inch strips of tape.

To have and to hold!
Brides also discover that Hollywood’s best-kept secret is a true wedding-day lifesaver.

So when you hear, “Does anyone know how to quickly fix hems, hide slipping bra straps, hold up strapless gowns, or keep this garter in place?” You can effortlessly say, “I Do!”

From the ceremony to the pictures to the last dance of the evening, rest assured you and your entire party will stay “photo op” perfect.


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TIP: "I was on holiday with my girlfriends and was dancing away, when my cute wrap-around mini-skirt flung open because the clasp broke! I simply stuck it together with some Hollywood Fashion Tape and continued to dance the night away!!"

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TIP: Here's what Jacquelyn recently sent us: "I purchased 2 boxes; 1 for home and 1 for my desk at work. One of my coworkers saw that my blouse was low cut, and as I was bending to pick something up, she says, 'Your blouse didn't even come open.' And I told her what I had under my blouse to keep the "twins" from showing. She was thrilled to know that such a product exists."

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