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How many times have you been running late for an appointment, meeting or date and on your mad dash past the mirror you notice there are deodorant marks along the side of your outfit? We have found the solution! It's quick, easy & reusable. And the best thing about it is you can remove the deodorant marks in seconds without having to remove your clothes!

So easy to use: First, take Gal Pal & wipe it gently with the grain of the fabric, rubbing off the deodorant & voila, you have just saved yourself time & money in dry cleaning costs. If for some darn reason the deodorant does not come off completely, take the second Gal Pal & dampen it with water, squeezing out the excess and again, a little rub here, a little rub there & you're good to go! P.S. Pick up Gal Pals for your friends, or yours will be history!

Don't be stingy--share the CiCy Suds with all of your girlfriends. Forward this email along to keep the buzz going & the suds flowing.)

~ GTBY Ribbon Watches ~

Time may be a great healer, but it's a lousy beautician. Wise words uttered from an unknown soul - probably a woman, no doubt a CiCy Girl. And time really does get a bad rap. It flies, it's always of the essence, you always seem to be out of it... really, it's just always leaving us in the lurch, isn't it, ladies?

It's amazing what some ribbon and pretty colors can do to change the face of your old foe. Accomplice has it all taken care of. The company's feminine, chic and alluring ribbon watches are quickly becoming all the rage. These accessories are available in a variety of styles, and each is unique enough to suit every single outfit in your closet full of couture. Find an amazing selection of Accomplice's wrist candy at the aptly titled Good To Be You boutique. Tie one of these beauties around your wrist and experience just how good it is to be you!

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