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~ Can you believe this woman is 58? ~

Yes, this beautiful healthy woman is Sandra Alvim, and yes, she is 58 years young!

Sandra is an astrologer and the author of the book Yes! Im 58, and she'll prove its never too late to reinvent yourself (we at GoodtoBeYou say, start now!).

In her wonderful step-by-step guide for women of every age, Sandra demonstrates how to achieve spiritual awakening and physical renewal while navigating the aging process with style and grace.

We think Sandra is amazing inside and out.

For more info or to purchase her book, please visit: Yes I'm 58 or AMAZON.COM

Sandra says Im 58 years old and Im very proud of my age. I have a lot to share with everybody who is interested in going above and beyond and pushing your personal limits

We found Sandra's insights very refreshing - and - if you already enjoy astrology, you'll love this book even more! xo GTBY

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