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The Breezy Bride’s Guide<BR>to Zen Wedding Planning

By Carolyn Pinto

Mix yourself a martini, and step away from the dangerously overstuffed binder. Wedding planning should be fun! Having just successfully pulled off a fabulous wedding (well, I thought so anyway) for 250 guests, I can tell you that it’s going to be okay. Really. Take a zen approach to the planning process with these 8 essential tips.

1. Get a hold of yourself! Come to terms with the fact that noone will care whether the groomsmens’ ties match the bridesmaids’ dresses, and resolve to put such inconsequential details out of your mind forever.

2. If you can’t decide on a theme for your wedding, don’t have one! Our wedding featured animated squirrels, sage green bridesmaid dresses, fresh lilac, Italian delicacies, road maps, sheet music and comic books. And everyone loved it, dammit!

3. Develop a thick skin for dealing with bridal gown vendors. Remember that their sole ambition is to guilt you into dropping a month’s salary in their shop. Be prepared for their pitying glances when you tell them when your wedding is. Even if it’s three years away, you’re cutting it close.

4. Your friends want to help. For God’s sake, let them. Think of all the times you’ve helped them move, picked them up at the airport, and talked them out of countless bad decisions. Grab your to-do list (you have a to-do list, right?) and start delegating, sistah!

5. Arm yourself with a snappy response for those well-intentioned busybodies who surface out of thin air to offer you free but pointless wedding planning advice.

For example: Nosy Nellie: “Hey, are you having a CAKE? You absolutely have to have a CAKE. Everyone has a cake.” Breezy bride: “I haven’t decided yet, but as soon as I do, I promise you’ll be the 38th person to know!”

6. Avoid overusing exclamation marks in emails to your bridesmaids. They are already having a good chuckle at your neat bullet points and extreme attention to detail. Be aware that attaching a colour-coded excel spreadsheet is sure to make you the fodder of their ridicule for months to come.

7. Curb your unhealthy obsession with wedding blogs and magazines. The gush-worthy images of handmade rustic-themed centerpieces are liable to induce panic attacks and feelings of extreme inadequacy, especially if you simply do not have time to hand-craft your own carnival-themed place cards.

8. Don’t torture yourself with unrealistic fitness goals. The month before your wedding is no time to confuse your body with extreme workout regimens or gimmicky diets. This is the best time of your life, and you should enjoy it to the fullest! Fun fact: Bridezillas often get that way through malnourishment. So go ahead, have a cookie!

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About the author: Corporate hack, occasional blogger and recent wedding veteran, Carolyn Pinto can be found on Twitter: @carolynpinto & her blog: Montreal and Beyond


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